Project: Arduino Plays - Stick Hero

Project: Arduino Plays - Stick Hero

Jan 15, 2015. | By: Surya Penmetsa

Its just beautiful what we can do with electronics. We built a circuit that could play the game Stick Hero on an Android tablet. This circuit could break world record score by humans.

If you haven’t played the game yet, have a look at the gameplay video.

And here’s the video of our circuit playing the game.

We have a tutorial of this coming up next week, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates- The Motivated Engineer.

Work by:
Surya Penmetsa, ECE, B.Tech(4/4)
Nikhilendra Gudisa, ECE, B.Tech(4/4)
Sharan Erukulla, ECE, B.Tech(4/4)
Sandeep Nadella, ECE, B.Tech(4/4)


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