Hacking Android games using MATLAB [without root]

Jan 19, 2015. | By: Sandeep Nadella

Have you ever wondered if you can do some image processing stuff on a game and automate it to make a high score? This post discusses how to hack android games using image processing in Matlab. We will be hacking two games: Stick Hero Draw a box You need not...

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Arduino Plays Stick Hero

Jan 18, 2015. | By: Sharan Erukulla

Are you a gaming freak? Want to top the high score list? If your answer is yes you are at the right place. Can all this be achieved with you sitting idle and your phone doing all the talking? Yes it can be done and we’ll show you how. Introduction...

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Can We Become Invisible?

Jan 16, 2015. | By: Surya Penmetsa

In this article, we explore the possibilities in which a human can turn invisible. If you prefer watching a video, check this out. [embed][/embed] Here’s are five different possibilities that we explore to become invisible. 1. Moving at great speeds An object can turn invisible if it moves at a...

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Project: Arduino Plays - Stick Hero

Jan 15, 2015. | By: Surya Penmetsa

Its just beautiful what we can do with electronics. We built a circuit that could play the game Stick Hero on an Android tablet. This circuit could break world record score by humans. If you haven’t played the game yet, have a look at the gameplay video. And here’s the video...

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Arduino Plays Piano Tiles

Jan 15, 2015. | By: Nikhilendra Gudisa

Ever wondered if your phone can play games by itself. Yes, it is possible. You can build a circuit to play Piano tiles on your smartphone.     And the circuit can be built with simple components like Light sensors, Relays and Arduino.   Three main functions of the circuit are...

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